Defined Contribution

How employers can save money on group benefits

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What’s in this e-book?

Almost all employers that offer a group health plan are interested in ways to reduce their costs and make their plan more sustainable. A defined contribution strategy is one way to accomplish this.

Under a defined contribution strategy, employers define a flat dollar amount they’ll contribute to the cost of each employee’s health plan. With this strategy, employers can save financially and still offer more benefit options for their employees.

In this e-book, we’ll look at the benefits of converting to a defined contribution strategy.

What’s inside:

1. What is a defined contribution?

2. How do defined contribution plans work?

3. Defined contribution benefits for employees

4. Defined contribution benefits for employers

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An Example of Defined Contribution


Software Necessary


Defined Contribution Benefits for Employees


Defined Contribution Benefits for Employers


Converting to a Defined Contribution


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