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Financial Advisor's Guide to HSAs

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What financial advisors should know about Health Savings Accounts

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The number of Americans with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) has steadily risen over the last ten years. But not every consumer eligible for an HSA has one, and many who have these accounts aren’t fully maximizing their value.

In addition to providing a tax-free way to pay for medical costs, HSAs can also be used as retirement vehicles. Financial advisors are increasingly recognizing that this is an area in which clients want and need assistance. By partnering with Bernard Healthcare Financial Planning, financial advisors can provide clients access to licensed, noncommisioned advisors who provide healthcare support in an area of significant financial concern, including HSA strategy.

If your clients have HSA questions, this guide will help you answer them. We’ll cover HSA basics, as well as how clients can most effectively use these accounts. 

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What financial advisors should know about Health Savings Accounts

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